We are committed to creating the best community management team in the world, with people who are dedicated to mastery of the craft.

You’ll really love working at here.

1. You’re in the heart of the action.

This team is at the core of the company. They don’t sit in PR or operate as an appendage to a marketing department — they’re a dedicated team with a key voice in the way we work and how we run the business.

2. You’re on a great team.

The Membership Team makes up almost a third of our company. If you’ve worked solo or on a small team of two or three people, you’re going to love being on a full crew. You’ll collaborate all day with people who do what you do. We back each other up so we can all have a normal life and reasonable hours. Our full-team approach means you never need to worry about your community when you go home.

3. We’re a community company.

Community is what we do here, and every department is focused on community first. It’s like the difference between being the solo creative at a manufacturing company and being at a top ad agency where everyone is part of the creative process.

4. We focus on what matters most.

We define success by how valuable our communities are to our members. You won’t have to justify your work against metrics that don’t make sense for peer-to-peer communities (like clicks and sales conversion). We go deep with what really matters: Are the conversations great? Are the right people participating? How strong is member loyalty? How deep is the culture?

5. We’re passionate about the art and science of community management.

Every day we’re working together to take community management to the next level. We’re constantly studying best practices, then finding ways to make them better. Our expertise comes from diverse sources such as social media, church recruiting, grassroots politics, and word of mouth marketing.

6. This is the big leagues.

If you love running communities and want to make a career of it, you belong with us. The best developers go to Google, the best designers go to Frog, and we’re building Board.org into the place for the best people who are passionate about community management.

7. Love.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard: Did we earn the LOVE of each member? It’s a crazy, ridiculous goal. But we do it again and again.

We hire a specific type of Community Manager.

We hire Community Managers who facilitate discussions between our members, but we don’t hire the kind who do social media content and promotion. Why? Read on to learn more.

Who we hire: Membership Community Managers

Membership Community Managers enable groups of people to collaborate and help each other. They bring people together, encourage participation, and build relationships. Their success is defined by the engagement of the members. This work is based on membership organizations such as trade associations and professional societies. (This is the type we hire.)

Who we don’t hire: Content Community Managers

Content Community Managers curate and post content online to encourage and attract fans. Their success is defined by the quality of their content and the audience they attract. Their work is based on publishing and marketing models. (We don’t do that here.)

While these two roles are very different, most communities combine some aspects of each.

Social Media Community Managers are usually content focused, Association Community Managers are usually member focused, and Online Forum Community Managers are somewhere in the middle. It all depends on your goals — from brand building to member service.



In general, the work of these Community Manager roles breaks down like this:

Membership CMs
Content CMs
What they do
  • Lead and moderate discussions
  • Encourage participation
  • Suggest topics and pose questions
  • Define behavior and set boundaries
  • Build relationships between members
  • Build relationships with members
  • Participate in real-life/offline conversations
  • Post content
  • Moderate comments and discussions
  • Curate social media pages
  • Encourage comments and sharing
  • Drive traffic and inbound visitors
  • Spread the brand’s voice
How they’re measured
  • Participation
  • Conversation quality
  • Community size
  • Membership renewal rate
  • Content metrics: traffic, views
  • Follower metrics: number of followers
  • Response metrics: comments, CTR
  • Viral metrics: engagement, shares
Important skills and experience
  • Moderator experience
  • Member relations
  • More gravitas, less energy
  • Facilitation
  • Service-oriented
  • Relationship person
  • Face-to-face communications
  • Experience with associations and membership organizations
  • Passion
  • Editorial, writing, and content creation
  • Curation
  • More energy, less gravitas
  • Moderating posts and comments
  • Experienced with online forums and social media
  • Communicates with brand voice
  • 24/7 availability
Shared skills
  • Extraordinary writing skills — articulate and has personality
  • Relationship person
  • Service-oriented
  • Context and empathy: Understands the needs and the life of members
  • Is passionate and an expert on the community’s topic
  • Extraordinary writing skills — articulate and has personality
  • Relationship person
  • Service-oriented
  • Context and empathy: Understands the needs and the life of members
  • Is passionate and an expert on the community’s topic

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