1. Members First

We’re obsessed with delivering the best service that our members have ever seen. Take care of the members. Nothing is more important. Do it now, get it right. We do the work (our members don’t). Know them, know their business, and know what they need –- so you can serve them before they ask and even if they don’t ask. It’s about taking care of their needs today and building a better experience for tomorrow.

2. Do!

We get shit done. Our contribution is measured by the results we deliver. We’re proactive, sleeves-­rolled-­up doers who show up and get to work, with a sense of urgency and mission. We’re accountable for the commitments we make.

3. Make Good Things Happen for Other People

We succeed by helping others succeed. Our job is to serve our team, our customers, and our community. We find out what they need to win and how to give it to them. We fundamentally care about each other and show that through service and support. Only through service will we earn our rewards.

4. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

We do our best work using what we’ve learned — and we’re driven to make it better. Best: Learn, use, and respect the hard-earned knowledge we’ve built over the years, because that’s how you do your best work. Better: Then make it better, because that’s how you pay it forward to the team, be of more service to our customers, and achieve more personally.

5. Sweat the Small Stuff

We obsess about the details. We have high standards, verging on perfectionism. Together, we notice everything, and we’re not satisfied until it’s perfect. We create systems to track the smallest details, because nothing is too small to improve. The details are everyone’s responsibility, and we do what it takes to make it better, even when it’s not our job.

6. Thrill and Amaze

Earn the respect and recommendation of everyone you work with. Doing the job isn’t enough: We go above and beyond to blow people’s minds with astonishing service and care. We love to surprise and delight, to earn love through amazing service, and to thrill everyone we work with. Ask: Would anyone tell a friend about what you did?

7. Make Friends

Building relationships is the foundation of our business. We’re the nice guys. Everyone we meet matters, even when we can’t do business with them. Everyone gets fantastic treatment and respect, not just our customers. We take responsibility for our database because it is the embodiment of the relationships we’ve worked so hard to build.

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