1. Members First

We’re obsessed with delivering the best service that our members have ever seen. Take care of the members. Nothing is more important. Do it now, get it right. We do the work (our members don’t). Know them, know their business, and know what they need –- so you can serve them before they ask and even if they don’t ask. It’s about taking care of their needs today and building a better experience for tomorrow.

2. Thrill and Amaze

Quality isn’t job #1 –­­ being totally freaking amazing is job #1. Our job is to turn customers into fans, and to turn fans into evangelists.

We’re in a relationship business — it’s a small world and kindness matters. Show kindness to everyone that you come in contact with — including customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, job applicants, fans, and strangers.

3. Excellence is in the Details

  • We have unreasonably high standards and we expect them of others.
  • It’s worth doing it again to do it right.
  • We don’t leave a little issue unacknowledged or unfixed (for someone else to deal with).
  • Quality > Quantity
  • Just because we move fast doesn’t mean we allow mistakes. The extra 30 seconds to proofread your email before sending it can make a big difference.
  • Everyone is responsible for the health of the database. Our database is our greatest asset because it embodies the relationships we’ve worked so hard to build. With the database, the smallest interaction can grow into a deep relationship.

4. Level Up

  • Show a commitment to growing in your professional development, self aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve execution through constant feedback, fast failure, and experimentation.
  • We are constantly increasing in our capacity and performance as more people rely on us.
  • We contribute outside of our jobs, even if it’s slightly uncomfortable.
  • We seek out opportunities to learn and grow.
  • We challenge existing assumptions and constantly iterate toward better ways of doing things.
  • We learn through mistakes and fix them.

5. Bias for Action

  • We value being agile.
  • We value experimentation and are not afraid to fail and learn from our failure.
  • We make tough decisions, understanding tradeoffs and consequences.
  • We avoid paralysis by analysis.
  • We have new ideas and are not afraid to share them.
  • We don’t keep quiet when we disagree or need clarification.
  • We don’t wait to be told what to do.

6. Own the Job

  • Own it and get it done.
  • We hold ourselves accountable.
  • We strive for excellence and expect the same of others.
  • We make decisions quickly and wisely.
  • We solve the root-cause of problems rather than bandaging them.
  • We are knowledgeable about our market and technology.
  • We are always leading by example.
  • We make the right decision, even when no one is looking.

7. Support the Family

  • We recognize and celebrate the successes of others.
  • We respect other opinions regardless of seniority or disagreement.
  • We recognize and celebrate diversity.
  • We make time to help others.
  • We encourage trusting relationships.

8. Find the Truth

  • To encourage clear, ongoing communication.
  • To seek data-fueled facts.
  • To use the information at-hand to make thoughtful decisions.
  • We are data driven.
  • We give direct, simple, and honest feedback — and we’re always open and poised to receive it.
  • We seek out answers to your questions.
  • We think objectively about situations.

9. Drive Alignment

  • To unearth and assess pertinent information.
  • To shuttle information to necessary stakeholders.
  • To deliver this critical information with efficiency, effectiveness, and collaborative efforts.
  • We route information to people who might find it valuable.
  • We make sure relevant stakeholders understand the situation.
  • We readily collaborate and clearly communicate with others to ensure everyone is on the same page.

10. Know Your Audience

  • Relentless member orientation.
  • We freely collaborate and communicate with others.
  • We give direct, simple, and honest feedback.
  • We make sure that everyone is on the same page and default to open.
  • We listen, give feedback, and openly discuss concerns even with disagreement.
  • We admit mistakes early.

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