We’re a fully remote team.

Despite the distance, we work hard to maintain our intense collaboration and tight culture. We do a lot of video conferencing, a lot of phone calls, and we get together at our live events and our annual staff retreat to sync up.

Your schedule is somewhat flexible.

You’re expected to put in a full work week and work hard. But the specific start and stop times are fairly flexible based on the requirements of your role and your team. Other than that, nobody really cares which hours you work. (Unless specifically advertised, we don’t have part-time roles.)

Time off is important.

We have a generous package of paid vacation and sick days, plus we close down for extra days around the holidays.

We also insist you use your sick days when you’re sick. We don’t want you coming to work and infecting the rest of us. We’ll send you home. We assume you have the common sense to understand the severe impact you will have on a small office if you infect your colleagues. We don’t want your half-done-while-sick work. Spend the day getting better.

We minimize travel as much as we can.

We have occasional in-person Member Meetings and staff retreats. Most staff enjoy going to many of these.

But other than that, we almost never require travel. We rarely go to conferences, make in-person sales presentations, or anything else that puts us on the road.

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