Work Habits

You have strong work habits and sophisticated strategies around planning and organization. To work at our pace, with great accomplishments and less stress, you need excellent skills in:

  1. Task management
  2. Time management
  3. Email management
  4. Prioritization
  5. Organizing ideas
  6. Finding time to focus

Everyone should know how to work with our project management and workflow management tools, including Agile.


You’re a skilled communicator in person, on the phone, in writing, and in social media. Our minimum standard is professional and error-­free. Our expectation is well­-prepared, exceptional communication in our brand voice that achieves its goal.

We expect you to have excellent grammar and proofing abilities, to be comfortable and articulate talking with callers at all levels, and to be effective at communicating using social media channels in a style appropriate to each channel.

Technical Competence

You work fast and effectively with the tools and techniques of the modern workplace.

You’re experienced and fluent in desktop software, cloud apps, CRM tools, office tools and technology, online documents, email, video collaboration, and more.


You have strong skills and appreciation for the database and community platform. You are excellent with data management and accuracy, reporting, pipelines, and other uses that enable us to deliver extraordinary relationships and service at scale.

Professional Development

You have a learning mindset and are eager for study, self-improvement, and coaching. You’re a lifelong learner with a constant desire to hone your skills, you stay on top of industry news, and you discover new ideas. You’re an avid reader with curiosity and passion. You invest the time to study and prepare –­­ not because you have to, but because you like it.

Collaboration and Teamwork

You collaborate well — and are eager for — our intensely collaborative work style. You enjoy sharing ideas and improvements and seek group feedback. You enjoy group-based editing and revision. You don’t take professional feedback as personal criticism. You define success as the best product, not personal ownership, and you don’t have ego/pride/prima donna issues.

You’re an effective internal communicator. You report regularly and clearly about your work to your team and manager. You document what you do. You can organize information and present it well. You produce clear and readable reports, documentation, and memos.

Professional Presence

You’re professional, polished, and charismatic (as is appropriate with senior executives) in all your communications and interactions. You’re member-ready at all times — informed and prepared to have conversations with members. Your public-facing social media content is professional and member-appropriate.

To be member-ready:

  • You have the context to understand the work life of executives at big businesses, the pressure they’re under, what they need, and how to respect their time.
  • You have the knowledge needed to engage with them about complex business issues.
  • You’re conversation-ready, comfortable, and articulate when talking with executives.


You thrive in a highly process-driven workflow with structure, documentation, and data. You’re effective at following processes. You understand the importance of systems to enable us to deliver deep quality at scale. You take ownership of the work and are always looking for improvements in process and execution.


You think change is fun.

You thrive in an environment of complexity, uncertainty, and surprises –­­ because that’s what keeps it interesting. Facing a new challenge is an adventure.

You’re flexible, adaptable, and you keep it together when things get rearranged. You’re comfortable and calm amidst changing priorities and fluid conditions.


You have high levels of energy, enthusiasm, and good humor. You’re a fundamentally positive person who is nice to work with.

Passion and Purpose

You give a shit.

You’re motivated by meaningful work that has an impact on society. You seek work that has a greater purpose.

You show deep commitment at a personal level to our members, the work we do, and the people we serve.

Hard Work and Grit

You’re a hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up doer who enjoys hard work and challenges.

  • Hard work: You have high levels of energy, drive, and enthusiasm. You have a track record of working hard and getting the job done.
  • Grit: You demonstrate tenacity, perseverance, and a willingness to work through obstacles to reach a goal.
  • Ownership: You take personal responsibility to get work all the way done.
  • Initiative: You’re a proactive self-starter that works with a sense of urgency. You initiate and innovate without waiting for others to set direction. You seek opportunities to make things better.

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