Our work is intense. We like it that way.

We’ve carefully built a process that enables us to do great work, earn a good living, and work reasonable hours. That means our days are intense and we’re driven to succeed, because that is what it takes to support a normal work-week and bring in the revenue to support us.

Our days fly by.

We work intense, full weeks. Most of us work through lunch.

It’s the kind of place where you’ll catch the clock in the afternoon and be surprised at how little time is left in the day.

But, life shouldn’t be work. Our intense work style earns our work-life balance.

It’s possible to have a fulfilling work life, know your job makes an impact, and work with people you like — and to put that away and have a good life outside of the office.

After an intense day in the office, we’re still able to drop off and pick up our kids, go home to personal projects, and do the stuff we love. We all have families, hobbies, and lives outside of work: volunteering, DJ gigs, cornhole leagues, going to shows, tending gardens, building stuff, and leading Scout troops.

It’s not about clock watching. Instead, we earn the right to go home at a reasonable time by doing amazing work at a furious pace. The energy here feels like a startup — but unlike a startup, if we’ve left it all on the field, there’s no point in working late into the night.

We don’t ask people to be away from home any more than necessary.

We limit travel in every way possible — other than our own events and staff retreats, it’s hard to get us on an airplane. And we rarely do happy hours.

We love each other, but it’s pretty unusual if there’s an after-hours meetup or dinner. Instead, we’ll often end the workday early. Staff parties are more likely lunch than evenings.

This is our favorite perk.

It’s pretty simple: We work our ass off during the day, then go home — on time — to our families and personal lives.

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