We think about two things every day: Fulfilling our mission and creating a fulfilling workplace.

Culture is more than a tagline, it’s a conscious decision we make about the kind of place we want to spend our days, the way we work, and the destination we’re working toward.

It means every day we’re thinking about our mission and the way we work.

When these two things come together, it creates a purpose-driven company. The result is a place where you can work for something more than a paycheck. This is where you can build something meaningful.

To maintain our culture, we have to be careful about who we hire.

Our recruiting process has evolved to find special people who value service, team spirit, care for the details, and have a drive to improve themselves and their work. We’re building a team of people looking for a long-term home where they can contribute to a greater mission.

We only hire people that we’re thrilled to work with, with great attitudes, and zero office BS. Equally, everyone has to be great at what they do, commit themselves to continuous improvement, and be ready to play on day one.

This is a quirky place.

Lots of people won’t fit in here — and nobody should take a job in a culture that’s not right for them.

Not everyone wants to work the same way, and not everyone wants the same destination — and that’s OK. But we’re not going to succeed in our journey if we have teammates who aren’t as interested in or committed to where we’re going (and they’re not going to enjoy it either). But some people absolutely thrive here.

We do a lot of weird things here.

The product we’re building, the way we work, the team we’re building, and the goal, pace, and structure aren’t like a lot of other places.

We know where we’re going.

We have a very specific vision in mind for the kind of company that will give us professional and personal fulfillment. We work every day to realize this vision.

This is what we chose.

Everyone on the team signed up for this particular vision and experience. This is the path we’re on, and we’re staying on it.

We’re not going to change it.

It would be a disaster if we tried to modify or dilute what we do to make everyone happy. It wouldn’t work, and we wouldn’t be very good at anything. And we’d probably fail. Or at least fail to be what we dream to be.

It’s more fun and fulfilling to work at a place that cares about this stuff. But it’s harder, too.

The work we do has meaning for those we serve. We can’t just do the job, we have to deliver on a promise. This means emotions are involved, because we give a shit.

But the highs are worth it. When we win, we win big — for ourselves and for our customers. The result is a grand adventure where we get to build something great, something important, and something we’re proud of.

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