We believe that every day at the office should be exciting, interesting, challenging, and fun. Our philosophy helps us do it.

  1. Work should have a higher purpose. Life is too short to do work without meaning. We choose work that makes life better for those we serve.
  2. Let’s build something fantastic. Create something that makes everyone stand up and clap. Be able to shout to the world, “I made THAT, and it is GREAT.”
  3. It’s not about us. We work for the good of the group. We rise and fall together. We’re not here to build our profile, take the credit, or feed our ego. We succeed through the success of our team and our members. We’re happy to be offstage. We’re here to make our members the stars. We’re the stage managers, our members are in the spotlight, and our job is to make them look great.
  4. Ethics matter. Deal honestly and up front on everything. No exceptions.
    Do what’s right, even when it’s slower or harder. Fight for ethics, teach ethics, and say something when something is wrong. Only deal with honest people who treat us and others well. Don’t do good deals with bad people. (Don’t do bad deals with anybody.)
  5. We’re an open company. We have an open workplace with no secrets (except for genuinely personal or HR matters, including salary). We have open financials, plans, and decision-making processes. We don’t engage in corporate BS or spin. (But we do take the time to achieve clarity and alignment on important stuff before sharing.)
  6. Work should be fun. It’s more than just a job — we find joy in our work. We work with energy, enthusiasm, and good humor. We’re fundamentally positive people who are nice to work with. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you should find something else to do. No job is worth suffering for. We probably have another job at this company that you would enjoy more. Ask for it.
  7. We like to work hard. We believe that hard, intense, and exciting work is a more fun, more interesting, and more rewarding way to live. We joined this team because we wanted to be with people working as hard as we are. It’s better to work at a place that pushes you to do great work. It’s about doing your absolute best — and then going home (on time), happy, knowing you kicked ass.
  8. Everything we do has a purpose. Every day, every task (however small or horrible) is a part of our mission. If you see a boring task that seems to have no purpose, try to understand the purpose. If we can’t find a purpose together, we’ll kill the task. Life is too short for unnecessary work.
  9. Change is fun. We thrive in an environment of complexity, uncertainty, and surprises — because that’s what keeps it interesting. Facing a new challenge is an adventure. We’re flexible, adaptable, and we keep it together when things get wacky.
  10. Respect the database. We’re in the business of relationships with people. Those relationships live in the database. The data is the embodiment of our love for our people. Love the data like you love the people. Messing up the database is disrespecting our people.
  11. Treat our money like your money. Spend what you need to do excellent work, and not a penny more. Because extra money is your money.
  12. Confidentiality is a big deal. Everything is confidential, always – especially member conversations. We promise a safe and private place to discuss tough issues – and you are responsible for protecting it.
  13. We’re hungry to learn. We train and grow. We do it because we like what we do, we’re genuinely interested, and we want to get better at it. We hone our craft by investing the time to study, to prep, and stay in peak performing condition. We know our business, our members, and our job.
  14. Start less, finish more. Limit work in progress and respect capacity. It’s OK to do one thing at a time, and it’s OK to leave things on deck until you’re ready. Multitasking is a trap – the more things you’re doing, the fewer things you’re finishing. Don’t start what you can’t finish. Work-life balance is about making conscious decisions about how much you take on, so you can have intense, challenging workdays — without unreasonable workloads.
  15. We collaborate on everything. We LOVE to collaborate, and everyone enjoys working closely together. There is non-stop brainstorming, creative feedback, editing, and discussion about everything we do. We write together. Nobody writes well alone, gets it perfect in the first draft, or catches every error. Together we revise, refine, and edit everything until it is wonderful. Collaboration isn’t criticism or micromanagement. It’s how athletes, actors, and authors work together to make it better. Everyone benefits from the perspectives and experiences of the team.
  16. Capture knowledge. Doing it without documenting it means it isn’t done. You can’t make things better without a foundation of knowledge that can be added to and improved.
  17. Making mistakes is good. That is how you learn. Take responsibility for them, fix them, then move on. (Making the same mistake again and again is bad.)
  18. Sometimes you do better work after you take a break. Free your mind and the rest will follow.
  19. You have permission. You have permission to start. You have permission to make it right. You have permission to take it to the next level. You have permission to make a member happy. Assume the answer is YES and tell us what you need.
  20. A job here is only an opportunity to succeed. We can give you opportunity, tools, and support. But it’s up to you to make the most of it.
  21. Office politics are forbidden. We have a politics‐free workplace. Promoting personal agendas over the common good, foot-dragging, whining, gossiping, complaining, back-stabbing, taking credit for the work of others, mean-spiritedness, pettiness, self-importance, and egotism are behaviors of small-minded people. You deserve a workspace free of people who do these things. We will fire them.
  22. Everyone is treated the same. We’re all on the same team, and we all live and play by the same rules. Nobody gets special perks.
  23. Your boss is often wrong. Teach him or her why for all our sakes.
  24. People are more important than things, rules, or money. Take care of people first. Everything else will follow. Your health and family are more important than your job. Our customers are people, not accounts — figure out how to make them happy.
  25. Assholes sometimes get rich and famous. We shall not become assholes.

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