Like a really, really good vegetarian restaurant.

We’ve spent a long time studying, practicing, and perfecting the stuff we make. We’ve got experts in the kitchen who are constantly innovating and pushing to make things even better.

And it shows — because we’ve earned raving fans. We’re going to keep cooking for them, and we’re going to keep getting better at it, because we love making vegetarian food.

Some people don’t like vegetarian food — and that’s OK.

But we’re not going to start serving burgers and fries. The burgers wouldn’t be very good, and it would make us a terrible vegetarian restaurant.

If this isn’t your thing, we understand.

You should go find a restaurant that you truly love. Everyone has a different passion, and we want you to go find yours.

But if you love cooking vegetarian food, you’ll really like it here.

We’ve got an incredible thing going, and we’re getting better every day. If this sounds like your thing, we hope you choose to be a part of it.

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