We’re the in-house creative agency for the entire company.

We are the stewards of the language, style, and quality that defines how we communicate. We also define and protect the look and feel of each of our brands, improving them and making sure we’re using them well.

We work on an incredible variety of projects in writing, design, marketing, and editorial, from newsletters and blog content to event assets, community software, recruiting, social media, and branding. You’re looking at our work right now, but this team is about so much more than making a pretty website.

We love to tell a good story.

Our Communications Team is at the center of telling our brand story, so we obsess about the details. Every word, every pixel is important. But we’re not working on it alone. We collaborate. A lot. On everything.

We believe in earning the respect and recommendation of our fans and customers.

Our success has been driven by organic, hand-crafted outreach (resulting in an amazing customer list: board.org/mem). We’re skilled with word of mouth marketing, email newsletters, and content marketing.

Our philosophy: We prefer organic to paid, authentic to fake, words to pictures, personal to mass. We have a rabid commitment to marketing ethics.

Everyone at Board.org is a great communicator.

It’s a good place to be a creative. This is a company that appreciates great writing, design, and creative at every level. Everything is pixel perfect, we obsess on standards, and we’re all into it. (Even the shower tile in our Austin office matches the yellow on this website.) That means, you’re not that back office production department. We’ve got a whole organization that rallies around and appreciates our great work.

If you join our Communications Team, you’ll learn how to work with a team of creatives that like to do great work, do it fast, and ship it. We’ll teach you how to navigate the processes that make us efficient, how to use the tools that help us collaborate with any team, and the style that wins over professional communicators.

Roles on the team:

  • Writer: Create messaging and content that attracts people to our communities and makes them proud to be a member.
  • Designer: Owns the print and visual identity for our brands.
  • Web / WordPress / Producer: Creates designs and communications for our members and prospective members that drives engagement, brand loyalty, and member love.

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