The short version: Show us you can do the job you’re applying for and that you’ve done it before.

We’re looking for two things: Can you do the job? And can you do the job here?

GasPedal Employee Venn Diagram

Our recruiting process has evolved over the years to focus on these two big ideas. Being great at the job is critical, but so is being able to fit in to our culture and the way we work.

Can you do the job?

We need people with experience who are ready to contribute — right away. Show us specific examples of how you’ve already been there, done that.

Can you do the job here?

We have a very specific style of work, and it’s not for everyone.

We’re looking for people who can do their best work, with this team, in this environment. Throughout the recruiting process, we’ll talk a lot about how we work and the work styles you thrive in.

Our interview process has more steps than most companies.

Our culture is so important to us that we put an incredible amount of effort into making sure everyone we hire is a perfect fit.

We take the time to make sure we’re a great match — that you’re the person we need to do the job, and that you’re getting the role, the company, and the culture you want. It’s kind of like dating: At each stage, we’ll get to know each other better. We’ll either fall in love, or we’ll agree that maybe it’s best to see other people — and that’s good for everybody.

Stages of the interview process:

  1. Your application: When you apply, we’ll review your resume, cover letter, and anything else you included with your submission.
  2. Email questionnaire: If your initial application shows us it could be a potential fit, we’ll send you some questions via email. We’ll also ask about salary at this stage to make sure we’re on the same page.
  3. Intro call: We’ll set up a quick phone call or video chat to mutually decide if we might be a good fit for each other. If so, we’ll move on to the in-person interviews. We can answer a lot of your questions about the role and the company at this stage, too.
  4. Interviews: We’ll have up to three in-person interviews that will focus on your skills, the job responsibilities, and culture fit.
  5. Test projects: Along the way, we may ask you to complete a test project to get a better idea of your specific skills and expertise.
  6. Reference checks: We’ll talk to the people you’ve worked with before — your bosses, coworkers, and people you’ve managed — to better understand your skills and the way you work.

We can complete the process in two weeks, depending on your availability. Yes, occasionally we lose a great person because they get another offer elsewhere along the way. But we care deeply about the people we work with and the culture we’ve established.

This process helps us get amazing teammates who immediately feel at home here, and it’s a big reason why our staff is so fantastic and tight-knit.

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