Lots of people talk about “making the world a better place” — but we actually do it every day. Inside the world’s biggest companies, behind the scenes, there are people making positive change. We surround them with ideas and supportive peers so they can achieve their mission — and this directly improves the lives of their millions of customers, employees, and their communities.

Do you want to make an impact? You’ll see the work you do driving large-scale meaningful change in real time (sometimes within hours), because we’ve found a point of leverage where a little positive change is multiplied by the incredible size and resources of our member companies.

Be at the heart of the future of business innovation — and work with the change agents who are making business better. 

We build communities for the people doing meaningful work at really big companies. You’ll lead a group of senior-level executives as they struggle with the challenges of being a change agent in a critical role. You’ll facilitate fascinating peer-to-peer conversations through email discussions, conference calls, and in-person meetings.

Currently we run Board.org and SocialMedia.org, and we’re launching communities for equality, innovation, data science, e-commerce, and corporate social responsibility. Study those sites to see how our communities work. Our entire business model is explained in detail at hi.board.org.

You’ll love this job if:

  • You want to work on cutting-edge business issues with senior leaders at great companies like these: board.org/mem.
  • You are looking for an intellectually challenging, ideas-based job where you get to learn and dig deep into fascinating real-world problems, concepts, strategies, and current events.
  • You have a teacher/facilitator personality. You can stand in front of a group and guide them in high-level interactions toward bigger ideas and outcomes.
  • You love building relationships and personal connections with the people you serve.

People do well in this job with a variety of issues-driven backgrounds, including journalism, politics, trade associations, membership organizations, public relations, and consultants/analysts/strategists. Anything that combines big ideas with leadership, facilitation, and communication skills — roles where you can bring people together around an idea or a story.

This role requires a proven ability to master complex business topics, fantastic people skills, and excellent communication skills. You’ll also need direct experience working with senior executives at large companies. We hire people with a track record of intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and genuine interest in the future of business — the kind of people who want to know everything. You’ll need these skills to develop deep subject matter expertise.

The perks are good, too:

  • Family-friendly and lifestyle-friendly hours, with minimal travel.
  • Generous benefits including 10 weeks PTO/sick, health, and 401k.
  • Private office, great workspace, nice tech and software, and more.
  • You’re on a team doing meaningful work that matters.

Three great jobs for different personalities.

Job Membership Director Community Manager
What you’ll do Lead member  conversations Member service
Focus Conversations Service and process
What it means Moderate discussions, find new topics, and build member connections Provide high-touch member service; use data and processes to create an extraordinary experience
You’ll like this if you like… Leading a group, subject matter expertise, and building relationships Thrilling people with great service supported by process-driven systems
Specific skills Facilitation, leadership, topic expertise Customer care, attention to detail, database
How you work 50% leading, 50% phone 25% email and phone, 25% service, 50% behind the scenes

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