Our Operations Team is here to help people do their best work.

They fulfill our mission by improving our workplace. They remove anything that gets in the way of us working at our highest capacity or creativity. They clear the decks, make sure everyone has what they need, and they do it before anyone even asks.

We’re looking for hyper-organized doers with a positive attitude.

If you join our Operations Team, you’ll learn how to use efficient work systems and make big wins happen for the entire company. We can do it because this team is full of tool-obsessed, process-obsessed, learning-obsessed perfectionists, builders, and doers. They take extreme ownership of their work.

But having a service-oriented, positive attitude is just as important. (Think of the fun, highly productive teams behind Southwest Airlines, Zappos, and Trader Joe’s.) It just makes Board.org a better place to work — and it’s why we think you’ll want to stick around for the long-term.

What that means for you:

  • We love great systems and processes. We obsess over finding the best ways to work. We’re constantly improving our methods, becoming more efficient, and tracking our wins along the way. And that helps us accomplish stuff most small teams couldn’t begin to tackle.
  • You’ll be surrounded by people who take pride in what they do. We hire for attitude, smarts, and a desire to work. If you geek out about the things that make a business run smooth-as-butter, you’ll love it here. This is your chance to join an incredibly talented, passionate, and fun team that loves this stuff as much as you do.
  • You’re never stuck in the back.
    Here, you’re a core part of the company, full members of the team, and trusted with substantial responsibility. You have a voice in how we work, because this is a collaborative, inclusive company where everyone works together.

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